How to find brands on Aliexpress?


    How many of youmany times tried to findbranded items on the and could not finditwhatthey look for or spend agesbrowsing? Unfortunately for reasonsrelated to anti-piracylaws, AliExpresssellerscan’t use original brand names, but insteadthey use acronyms, the “short cuts” “spellings” and “keywords”. In this post we attempted to gather all the possible keywords needed to findour favorite brands on withoutwastingtoomuch time browsingthroughproductsthat are irrelevant to whatwe are looking for. On most occasions sellerswill use wordslike “designers brand”, “famous brand”, “branded”, “top fashion”, “brand designer”, “luxury brand”, “brand”, “logo”  or/and style of particularbrandedproduct for example “Rosherun”, “Neverfull GM/MM”,“Air” etc. in theirauctiontittle to let buyers know that the item advertisedit’s a brandedproductreplica. Along withthese key words, theywillalso use misspelled brand names, words and letters to describeeach brand, as below. To makeiteasier for everyoneweadded a search option by clicking on the search option youwillberedirectedstrait to AliExpressdesiredsearch page whereyoucanbrowse all the result.


    How to Find Brands on [Aliexpress]

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    Addicted SometimesAvailable Here

    SimilarChinese Brands: PinkHeroBs and Arnaldo Bassini
    RecommendedSearch: Underwear

    Adidas Available Here

    SimilarChinese Brands: OnemixAntaLi NingVoitCBA and Xtep

    Adidas Superstar Available Here
    Adidas Stan Smith SometimesAvailable Here
    Adidas Ultra Boost Available Here

    SimilarChinese Brands: OnemixAntaLi NingVoitCBA and Xtep

    Adidas ZX Flux Available Here

    SimilarChinese Brands: OnemixAntaLi NingVoitCBA and Xtep

    Aeropostale Not Available.
    Armani Not Available.
    Asics SometimesAvailable Here
    Asus Available Here
    Akrapovic (exhausts) Available Here
    Balenciaga Not Available.
    Belstaff Not Available.

    RecommendedSearch: Leather Jacket

    Billabong SometimesAvailable Here

    SimilarChinese Brands: AquxSwimmartGailangTaddlee and Austinbem,

    Bluboo Available Here
    Bluedio Available Here

    SimilarChinese Brands: XiaomiSoundlink and Boombox
    RecommendedSearch: Bluetooth Speaker

    Bose Not Available.

    SimilarChinese Brands: BluedioXiaomiSoundlink and Boombox
    RecommendedSearch: Bluetooth Speaker

    Burberry Not Available.

    RecommendedSearch: Tartan Clothing

    Calvin Klein Not Available.

    SimilarChinese Brands: PinkHeroBs and Arnaldo Bassini
    RecommendedSearch: Underwear

    Canon SometimesAvailable Here
    Casio Not Available.

    SimilarChinese Brands: G-Shock

    Chromecast Not Available.

    SimilarChinese Brands: EzcastIntelAnycastMirascreen and Measy,
    RecommendedSearch: TV Stick

    Chuwi Available Here
    Clarisonic Not Available.

    RecommendedSearch: Facial Cleanser

    Converse Available Here
    Cubot Available Here
    Dior (sunglasses) Not Available.

    SimilarChinese Brands: RoyalAoflyMerrystore and AevogueAemax
    RecommendedSearch: Cat EyeSunglasses

    Dogee Available Here
    Dr Martens Not Available.

    RecommendedSearch: Dr Boots

    Elephone Available Here
    EverPretty Available Here
    Foreo Not Available.

    RecommendedSearch: Facial Cleanser

    Fujifilm Available Here
    Garmin SometimesAvailable Here

    RecommendedSearch: Bicycle computerPulsometer and GPS Watch

    Golden Goose SometimesAvailable Here
    GoPro Not Available.

    SimilarChinese Brands: SJCam
    RecommendedSearch: Action Camera and GoPro Style Camera

    Hawkers Not Available.

    RecommendedSearch: Outdoorsunglasses

    Heelys Not Available.

    SimilarChinese Brands: Wheelys
    RecommendedSearch: Roller Shoes

    HTC Available Here
    Huawei Available Here
    Hunter Boots Not Available.

    RecommendedSearch: Wellies High and WomanRain Boots

    iPad Available Here
    iPhone Available Here
    Ipro Available Here
    Irulu Available Here
    Jiayu Available Here
    Kingston Available Here
    KTM Available Here
    Lee Not Available.

    SimilarChinese Brands: Jussara LeeHeegrandSouyute 
    RecommendedSearch: Jeans

    Lego Not Available.

    SimilarChinese Brands: LepinDecool
    RecommendedSearch: Bulding blocks

    Lemfo Available Here
    Lenovo Available Here
    LG Available Here
    Meizu Available Here
    Moncler Not Available.

    SimilarChinese Brands: Pioner Camp
    RecommendedSearch: Duck Down Jacket

    Montblanc Not Available.

    RecommendedSearch: BallpointPensFountainPens and Gel Pen

    Nexus Available Here
    Nike Available Here
    Nike RosheRun Available Here.
    Nike Air Max Available Here.
    Nike Janoski Available Here.
    Nike Free Available Here.
    Nike Air Force One Available Here.
    Nike Huarache Available Here.
    Nike Thea Available Here.
    Nike Cortez Available Here.
    Nike Air Pegasus Available Here.
    Nike Flyknit Available Here.
    Nike Jordan Available Here.
    Nike Superfly Available Here.
    Nike Hypervenom Available Here.
    Nike Essentialist Available Here.
    Nike Tri Fusion Available Here.
    Nike Internationalist Available Here.
    Nike Hoodland Available Here.
    Nike Tri Fusion Available Here.
    Nike MD Runner Available Here.
    Nike Genicco Available Here.
    Nike Blazer Available Here.
    Nike Kaishi Available Here.
    Nike Match Available Here.
    Nike Court Available Here.
    Nike Toki Available Here.
    Oakley Available Here

    RecommendedSearch: OutdoorSunglasses

    One Plus Available Here
    Oppo Available Here
    Puma Available Here

    SimilarChinese Brands: OnemixAntaLi NingVoitCBA and Xtep

    Puma Creepers Not Available.

    RecommendedSearch: Creepers and SuedeCreepers

    Ray Ban SometimesAvailable Here

    SimilarChinese Brands: LeidisenVeithdiaRaybombCarmeloAofly
    RecommendedSearch: AviatorSunglasses

    Reebok Not Available.

    SimilarChinese Brands: OnemixAntaLi NingVoitCBA and Xtep

    Rockbros Available Here
    Salomon Not Available.

    SimilarChinese Brands: OnemixAntaLi NingVoitCBA and Xtep

    Samsung Available Here
    Sony Available Here
    Timberland Not Available.

    RecommendedSearch: Timber Boots

    Tous Not Available.

    RecommendedSearch: BearJewelry

    U8 Available Here
    Ugg Not Available.

    SimilarChinese Brands: EmuWGGUGC
    RecommendedSearch: Australia Boots and Women Snow Boots

    Ulefone Available Here
    Umi Available Here
    Under Armour Not Available.

    SimilarChinese Brands: 2xu
    RecommendedSearch: Compression shirt and Compression pants

    Uwatch Available Here
    Vans SometimesAvailable Here

    SimilarChinese Brands: Zosdon
    RecommendedSearch: Canvas Sneakers and VanlyShoes

    Xiaomi Available Here
    Zeblaze Available Here
    Zopo Available Here
    ZTE Available Here

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